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Scented Soy Wax Pearl Candle Melts

Scented Soy Wax Pearl Candle Melts

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Scent pearls are perfect for those moments when you want fragrance without the flame. We use soy wax that has been developed for melts and tarts that can hold the highest amount of fragrance oil.

For extended use of our product, 2 ounces of scent pearls are placed in glass jars with a lid in the fragrance you select. Some waxes have been colored using mica powder, wax dye block, or liquid candle dye.

The intensity of the scent depends on several factors such as the how many pearls you use, the wax warmer, tea light or plug-in, and the scent itself. For more intense fragrance use about 10-15 pearls and for less aroma use roughly 5-8 pearls. The benefit of using these scent pearls is you decide how much or how little you want.

Lilac, Lemon Pound Cake, White Chocolate

* Soy wax specially formulated for melts and tarts
* Liquid candle dye

For use in tart or wax melt warmers only (electric or tea-light)
Burn time varies depending on the number (amount) of scent pearls used.
Total 2 oz. jar will given approximately 30+ hours of warmed fragrance

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